Mt. Rainier

14,411 - Washington

Grand Teton

13,775 - Wyoming

Mount Hood

11,240 - Oregon

Mount Rainier Grand Teton Mount Hood

Summit Pen Company Iconic American Peaks

The Iconic American Peaks Collection begins with three of the most climbed and sought after climbs in the United States. Mt. Rainier, Grand Teton and Mt. Hood are much prized mountaineering objectives, as well as ski mountaineering. These are the mountains that forged the American mountaineers that went on to conquer Everest and K2 and serve as training grounds today for the men and women who have gone on to climb and ski on the Seven Summits as well as put up first ascents in the major mountain ranges of the world.

Each of these mountains inspire people, whether it be from their beauty, challenge or their ability to bring out the very best in the people who love them in whatever way they do so. Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood are part of the American skyline to the masses and belong in the hearts of those of use who have spent time on them.

Summit Pen Company salutes these iconic peaks and those who treasure them with the Iconic American Peaks Collection of rollerball and fountain pens in Limited Editions and Special Limited Editions featuring pens hand painted in Florence, Italy, where all Summit Pen Company pens have been exclusively manufactured by Stipula for Summit Pen Company.

Mt. Rainier Limited Edition PenGrand Teton Limited Edition Pen Mt. Hood Limited Edition Pen Limited Edition Ski Pen Mt. Rainier Special Limited Edition Pen Grand Teton Special Limited Edition Pen Mt. Hood Special Limited Edition Pen